Expressing Kolonist’s terroir



  • A 30 ha Ukrainian vineyard in the Odessa region in Bessarabie, near the Danube delta.
  • Vineyard exposed to extreme temperature variations (+40°C to -20°C)
  • High volume, low-quality production.

Issue to be resolved

  • Request to improve production quality in order to comply with European quality standards.
  • Need to control the production of a low density vineyard with very fertile soil.


  • Convert from high-quantity to high-quality production
  • Change the growing and maturing methods
  • Develop an international image


  • Training of staff to use more modern production methods
  • Creation of a code of practice for higher quality production both in the vineyard and winery
  • Development of a dozen products (red, white, sparkling), including some high-value products.

Indicators of success

  • The property has become a leader in the Ukraine in terms of canopy management, range of wines and international reputation.
  • Increased export sales (France & UK)
  • Development of a premium range – €30 to €100 / bottle
  • Domestic and international press recognition

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