Production & blending

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 Production – the process


  1. Identification from the vineyard mapping of the various plots that are suited to the creation of ranges, so as to produce appropriate wines for target markets
  2. Technical instructions for the annual growth cycle by zone
    • Adjustments to the biotope and environment (climate, wildlife, flora etc.)
    • Vineyard work according to the style of wines being made
  3. Calendar of treatments and procedures
  4. Monitoring of calendar tasks
  5. Important! Determination of the harvest date
  6. Scheduling of picking and vinification, volume assignment per tank
  7. Monitoring and supervision of harvest on the basis of analyses, enabling grapes to be assigned to each pre-established range.

Blending – the process

  1. Regular tastings to monitor the wine’s evolution
  2. Wine selection based on quality and final market destination
  3. Ageing (vats or barrels) and bottling plan