Adapting to market changes

Les vignerons catalans


  • A consortium of winegrowers founded in 1964, based in Perpignan in South-East France
  • A vineyard located between the Mediterranean and the mountains, subject to the vagaries of the weather (lots of sunshine, wind, low rainfall)
  • Production based on “vin doux naturels” (fortified wines) that no longer meet market demand

Issue to be resolved

  • An ageing model that needed to be renewed and updated
  • Adaptation of the winemaking and ageing methods to create a new range in line with market demand


  • Manage vineyard production and adapt winemaking facilities to requirements
  • Creation of a range that will appeal to a new generation of consumers both in France and on the export market


  • Vineyard mapping, winery and technical facilities audit
  • Optimization of harvest dates
  • Creation of a much more modern range suited to the tastes of the target markets.

Indicators of success

  • Growth of sales in France and on the export market
  • National and international press recognition
  • Selected as a “Coup de cœur” (top pick) in the Hachette Guide
  • Improvement of the group’s image and its capacity to adapt

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