Adding value to sales and converting to organic



  • A Bordeaux winegrowers group whose image is associated with industrial wines
  • Aware, for the last 10 years, of the necessity of respecting nature and the environment, but not knowing how to apply this in a way that would add value.

Issue to be resolved

  • Giving the cooperative a more high-end image
  • Adding value to its 150 ha vineyard at Château les Vergnes, Bordeaux AOC
  • Converting to organic so as to move forward with the environmentally-friendly approach that the group had been practising for ten years


  • Adapting their industrial facilities to a more selective winemaking approach
  • Turning Château Les Vergnes into a model vineyard, serving as a flagship for the rest of the group members


  • Identifying the “terroirs” and organizing plot selections
  • Creation of winery procedures in line with the ranges to be developed
  • Building on the environmentally-friendly methods adopted by obtaining organic certification

Indicators of success

Project in progress

Other case studies