Production and sales audit

No great wine without great grapes

Production – the process

  1. Visit and vineyard mapping
  2. Plot analysis
    • Soil analysis
    • Grape variety (vineyard ID)
    • Analysis of the link between the climate and the biotope
    • Vineyard maintenance
  3. Consideration of the targeted consumer taste & buying habits
  4. Production tool analysis: winemaking process & existing facilities
  5. Recommendation report in order to produce grapes that will allow you to meet requirements for each pre-agreed range for each targeted market
  6. Implications of moving to organic production

Sales – the process

  1. Tasting of the entire production
  2. Analysis of targeted markets
  3. Analysis of branding, packaging, marketing texts, graphic design… including aspects other than the wine (selling tools, price lists, labels, corks, etc.)
  4. Distribution network analysis: which networks are used, for which markets, distribution channels etc.
  5. Pricing strategy
  6. Production of a recommendations report, with a view to implementing a sales strategy in line with the property’s resources and the target markets in France or for export.