Market transformation

Young consumers represents 14% of the organic wine buying

Transformation of the wine market

Main actor of the development and promotion of organic farming, Agence Bio thinks that French household bought in 2016 more than 700 million euros of organic wine, without any chemical molecules used in treatments, against 503 million euros in 2013. It is the only market that progresses in agriculture. Organic wine is the driving force, the leader of this sector.

French organic wines also gained exposure worldwide, with sales increasing by 26% between 2014 and 2015, that’s 217 million euros towards European Union countries and 144 million euros towards third countries.

It is also a way to win new consumers, notably younger people, who represents 14% of organic wine drinkers. Those consumers are more concerned about environmental issues and product tracking.

Keys figures

More than 31 000 producers engaged in organic production, representing 7,2 % of France’s producers (30th June 2016).

More than 5,5 Billions euros of organic products bought by French household (2015).

65 % of French consumers use at least one organic product once a month (2015).

*Information from Agence bio..